Why Azure is better than AWS when using VS Code from Microsoft

When it comes to cloud services, developers using the popular VS Code from Microsoft often find themselves choosing between Azure and AWS. While both platforms offer a range of features and capabilities, there are several key reasons why Azure stands out as the better choice for developers. In this article, I will explain why Azure’s seamless integration with VS Code, cost savings, performance advantages, and integration with existing Microsoft technologies make it my preferred option in the cloud.

Seamless Integration with VS Code

One key advantage of Azure is its compatibility with Microsoft products and services, such as Windows, Office, and the .Net programming language. For businesses already utilizing these technologies, Azure becomes a natural choice for their cloud platform. The seamless integration with VS Code eliminates the complexities of transferring data and programs to the cloud, making it a hassle-free experience for developers.

Azure streamlines the development process, allowing developers to focus on building applications without worrying about the details of the underlying infrastructure. This integration also enhances collaboration and productivity among development teams, as they can easily share code, track changes, and deploy applications directly from the familiar VS Code environment.

VS Code gives developers the confidence and convenience they need to leverage cloud services effectively. With Azure, developers can maximize their productivity and innovate faster, ultimately delivering high-quality solutions to their clients or end-users.

Cost Savings with Azure

Azure offers significant cost savings compared to AWS, especially for businesses running Windows Server and SQL Server workloads. With Azure’s pricing options, businesses can achieve their budget goals while maximizing their return on investment in the cloud.

When comparing Azure and AWS pricing, Azure emerges as the more cost-effective choice for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads, offering savings of up to 5 times in comparison. This cost advantage can have a substantial impact on a business’s overall cloud expenditure.

So, there you go, thats a quick round-up of some of the reasons why in my opinion, Azure in AWS is a better experience and outcome for developers using VS Code.

Happy coding !

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